Bonus Bets in Online Slots Games

You can choose your wager in online slots games based on your coin size, number of coins, and paylines. Players with high wagers usually receive high reward and are more likely to win. However, the rules and the features are the same for those who bet small. Recently however, some online slots games have come up with games that will give you additional features like free bonus bets if you bet additional amount. The small players will not get these free bonus bets.

The DC comic slots by the Cryptologic offers these types of slot machines mainly. If you select all the 50 playlines, you will get the opportunity to bet another 10 extra credits. So, if you have a coin size of $1.00 and select all 50 playlines, you will get $60 with the free bonus bets instead of $50. This means you will get a bonus game to play which can win you huge amount of money. Without these free bonus bets, you won't get to play the bonus game.

Different slot machines have different names and mechanism for the additional bets. White orchid, a game by WagerWorks has a bonus game called 1024 ways. Players who have bet the additional wager play against two tables and win in wither one of them will result in payouts.

However, the question is whether it is worth the risk betting the additional wager every time and what kind of return will you get from that- same, less or more? If we look at Cryptologic's bonus bet we will see that you will have to put 20% more. Even after that, you are not guaranteed to get the bonus game unless you have the symbols in the required order. The WagerWorks will ask you for 100% extra.

So, you have to see whether you have the money to bet for the bonus game. If you have, then you might have fun playing the best bonus bets in these slot machines. However, if not, then you can reduce the coin size or target for the number of spins per session to get to the free bonus bets.